Brignogan is located on the Coast of Legends and is famous for its wreckers.

The local fishermen and farmers, used to tie torches to the horns of lame bulls to imitate with their swaying lights to guide ships to port.

They also say they lit churches and chapels on the cliffs to attract vessels…

Indeed, in these bays of stone and coral, the wreckers were able to appropriate cargoes to be landed on hidden beaches.

This practice was prohibited by Colbert in 1681.

Guard posts for the coastguard were then installed along the coast.

Finally, to put a complete end to the risk of sinking it was decided to build a lighthouse, lighthouse Pontusval, to signal entry into the bay Brignogan the many ships that pass.

Built in granite and stone, the lighthouse dates from 1869. It measures 18 meters high and its range is approximately 10 miles.

The last wreck was in the year 1930, when the merchant ship, Briere, ran aground in the bay.